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(as of June 15, 2021) 



Total Gym Floor Capacity: 57 


• No more than 20 persons in the front room area 

• No more than 20 persons on the backroom floor 

• No more than 9 persons using the spin bikes for cardio training 



Front Room Workout Limits: 


• No more than 6 persons doing cardio training, and no more than 35 minutes during busy periods or when others are waiting. 


• No more than 8 persons on workout stations, and no more than 55 minutes total workout time, with a limit of 8 - 10 minutes per station. Individual workouts only - NO Team Training! 



Aerobics Classes: 


The maximum capacity is 12 members per 50-minute session. Please come inside and take one of the designated spots. Spaces are assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  


Please Maintain Social Distancing while waiting for Class to Commence. 





Please bring your own mat. If you prefer to use one of ours, please clean it after use. We have marked “safe zone stations” on the floor for those who wish to do standing exercises in the front room exercise area. 





The capacity limit is 7 persons. As a courtesy to others, please keep the bathrooms tidy. Please wash and sanitize your hands before and after working out, and use the Exit door when leaving (Follow the Arrows).  

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